Orange Tweet is really an inspiration for the advancement of stupidity. No not because of his tweet attention-span, nor his small limp hands and bigly butt. No those are just side line embarrassing.

When President Orange Tweet says he wants to make America Great Again he doesn’t mean 1940’s or 1950’s GREAT! No he means British Empire Great like 17 and 18 hundreds GREAT! Viceroy Great. And who says you can’t go backward!

And you all know how the “free market system” works right? You know competition brings the price down, right? And because of that, government needs to “privatize” many of its agencies because the private sector can do it cheaper than the government can do it.

Take for example, WAR. If the United States privatizes its military then what money we can all save ……… such a deal.

Now this isn’t a Trump idea. He doesn’t have the ability to think let alone creatively. No this goes way back as far as war itself. Some people fight and some people supply the fighters. And just for fun, stop and guess who gets rich and who gets dead.

And the capitalistic system has improved upon this basic idea a thousand fold by adding the investing class to the mix. Now there are those who fight the war, those who supply the fighters, AND those who INVEST in the suppliers who supply the fighter who fight the war. See, that is called capitalism because the investing class are even further away from being dead from war but profit the most from it. Clever yes?

Now check this out. The military-industrial-complex has come up with this really fun idea and that is to privatize armies so the U.S. Government can save money.

We have already been doing this over there is that hostile Middle East and in Africa as well. But this savings is really a deal!

Funny that. Presently a “private soldier” (once called a mercenary) makes in salary about three times more than an American soldier. So the salary cost of the mercenary army would be THREE TIME HIGHER than it is now.

Would you care to venture a guess how this cost alone is cheaper?

And then you have the “standard” corporate operational costs for maintaining a mercenary army with the small problem of loyalty to MONEY rather than any insane patriotic reasoning so as to have the added burden of losing your “army” to the highest bidder.

Damn tricky, eh?

Now the U.S. has already had this continuous problem in the mercenary terrorists we have hired, trained and supplied just to have them jump sides and end up fighting us rather than doing as we paid them to do. Some of this has been based on deceit and some of this is due to a better deal going down.

When money is the bases of the commitment the playing field changes and your terrorists buddy today is your terrorist enemy tomorrow based on a couple of bucks.


And just who is pushing this insane idea?

Well the Bowery Boys, Steve Bannon and Jared Kushner, formally known as the Dead End Kids for you movie buffs.

Erik Prince the founder of the murdering thugs Blackwater Worldwide and Stephen Feinberg, a billionaire financier who owns the giant military contractor DynCorp International and Tubularsock believes sucks out babies brains for lunch (warning: this latter thought may be an alterNUT fact, be advised!) have offered up their proposals at Bannon’s and Kushner’s request.

Wow, Tubularsock just wonders with these four minds coming together, “What Could Possibly Go Wrong?”

Now Tubularsock, in case you haven’t noticed, wants to remind you that after 16 years WE ARE STILL MAKING WAR ON AFGHANISTAN.

You remember Afghanistan, right? The country right after 9/11 we started a war with.
And just to remind you how we did that it went down like this:

Bush and the boys and the bitch told the Taliban that they would have to hand over Osama bin Laden to the U.S. for the 9/11 crime or we would BOMB THEM!

The Taliban agreed to hand over Osama bin Laden to the U.S. for the 9/11 crime if and when the United States provided PROOF that Osama bin Laden was guilty of this crime. You remember that silly notion, a man is innocent until PROVEN guilty don’t you?

That is a fundamental legal principle of the United States not Afghanistan!

Well, the United States didn’t have any proof that he was directly involved.  He said he wasn’t involved in 9/11 directly. And to this day there has been no real proof that he was directly involved EXCEPT for the forged CIA tape prominently promoted on YouTube! But it was well known that bin Laden was a CIA asset so Tubularsock figures that it depends on which side of the fence he was working at any given time.

So we bomb them! And then we bomb them. And then we bomb them ……………  And even the old cliche that we were going to bomb them back into the Stone Age was used by some but they hadn’t left the Stone Age so they didn’t seem to noticed except all their wedding parties we annihilated. Oh, and their women and children were slaughtered but hey, THAT’S WAR don’t ya know!

Just reminds one of the callousness of war. Those who were murdered on 9/11 are precious souls but those we blow apart in Afghanistan are just collateral damage and how dare they run under our bombs! They act like they live there!

So now, 16 years of quagmire and Trump is thinking to “fix” Afghanistan by spending billions and billions of more dollars for a cheap fix: MERCENARY ARMIES provided by private enterprise corporations.

And they are even thinking of picking an American Viceroy who would directly report to Trump and run the Afghanistan mission with an outsourced army and a mission of “do whatever it takes to pacify Afghanistan”!

From Tubularsock’s point of view it is refreshing to have the lunatic fringe right out there in the open for a change unlike Killary’s style or Obomba’s style of putting up the false-bull-shit-front but still fucking you up the ass! But which of these elite assholes are more dangerous is a toss up!

  1. swo8 says:

    Insanity rules.

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  2. Lara/Trace says:

    These rich people are dangerous.

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  3. sojourner says:

    Tube, I could have saved some time by just skipping to the end and this spot on statement of yours:

    “From Tubularsock’s point of view it is refreshing to have the lunatic fringe right out there in the open for a change unlike Killary’s style or Obomba’s style of putting up the false-bull-shit-front but still fucking you up the ass! But which of these elite assholes are more dangerous is a toss up!”

    There is an old (1960?) Vatican document that lists the number of popes left until “the end of the world” (I’ve seen it, but am too lazy to look for it again). And the current hierophant’s number is the last one on the list.

    What does this have to do with shit, you ask?

    Well, some of the “alt-nut” material I have read, over the last seven months, claims that Trump is the final elite-swines’ ace in the hole, and that the Trumpster has been set up to take the fall for all of the oval office assholes before him; in particular, dumb-fuck Georgie W (Cheney Administration) and “Tattle-Tale Gray”, “Yes we can” (but won’t) Obomber. And then I just read that the elite-swine have designated 2018 as the time to end the American economy/empire.

    Shit is converging, Tube! “Lions, Tigers and Bears, Oh My!”

    (Aunty Em! Aunty Em! It’s a CO2/Trumpster twister! “There’s no place like home”, but where is home?)

    Mere coincidence? A mere glitch in the system? Mere superstitious bullshit?

    Beats me, Tube.

    But I can’t help but see some of the writing on the wall, and the subject of that writing ain’t good news at all! Not good at all, anyway you stretch it!

    The shit’s about to hit the big fat fan, Tube, and we are standing right in front of it, along with the rest of humanity!

    One last thing: I read about this Afghan viceroy bullshit. and would not doubt it for a moment. But I always thought Viceroys were a cigarette brand? And as we all know now, cigarettes are bad for one’s health, but doobies are good for the lungs!

    “The Party’s Over…!” “Bye! Bye! Miss American Pie!” “Good bye, American woman! Good bye, American shit!”

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  4. Jay says:

    Wow, it really stings what money can buy these days.
    Now this isn’t a Trump idea. He doesn’t have the ability to think let alone creatively: too true, and how sad.

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  5. Michael Fuhrig says:

    Well Tube..we get what we pay for..and it looks like a mercenary army is what we are paying for. And mercenaries are well..MERCENARY! They don’t have any feelings..no allegiance to anyone except those who pay them…and they can turn on a government in a heartbeat. Inspires a poem:
    ….Ain’t things grand….
    …As we survey our land…
    …Under the Trump brand…
    …People are lyin’…
    …Health care is dyin’…
    ..Middle East jets are flyin’…
    …Trump spews invective…
    …Congress is ineffective…
    …North Korea goes nuke…
    ..And most of us…
    …want to puke…
    …But other than this depressing line…
    ..Everything is just fine…

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  6. Michael Fuhrig says:

    Tube: Ii fear the only thing French about me is that I’ve eaten more than my share of french fries in my time.

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