If you hadn’t noticed a crippled Korean was allowed into the State of the Union address even though he was a former NORTH KOREAN.

Tubularsock thought we had a WALL to protect us from the “evils” of North Korea!

Come to find out the entire Congress are in favor of North Korean cripples. Or at least it appeared that way with all of them standing up and applauding. Damn!

Now don’t you worry ……. it wasn’t real, it was a sympathetic ploy for war and we ALL can stand united for that! Right?

It is just part of the old “North Korea is so brutal to THEIR OWN CITIZENS” that WE (AMERICA) must “protect” Koreans by bombing them back to the stone age in order to save them from their own evil government.

In a lot of ways it is Trump’s new campaign:


(Oh sure, Tubularsock has made hats!)

But this isn’t even that creative. It’s the old Iraq weapons of mass distraction ploy. Will Americans be fooled again ….. SO SOON?

Because the words have already been used pushing exactly the same bull shit. It is just OrangeFuck mouthing them.

Flash back to DumbFuckShrub, remember how Shrub explained that the Saddam Hussein regime “. . . ha(d) already used poison gas to murder thousands of its own citizens . . .”? (Of course after the Reagan Administration sold them the chemicals, you know for “farm” use.)

You see, this kind of imagery is the stepping stones to preparing the American citizens for another WAR to save humanity.

After all, we have to attack them there rather than have them right here in OUR HOMELAND!


Remember how this works?

But really, it’s too late!

“OUR”(?) President has already LET IN a North Korean Crip! They are already here!

But as President Dump put it, “North Korea’s reckless pursuit of nuclear missiles could very soon threaten our homeland . . .” He left out the classic line “in the shape of a mushroom cloud” that the Shrub Team used so effectively. Too bad.

And those North Koreans have AT LEAST one or two nukes compared to the U.S. nuclear arsenal which if placed end to end would reach to Mars and back BUT IT IS those North Koreans that are dangerous!

Hell somebody might REALLY USE THEM on civilians!

Oh, yeah ……. we already have …….. twice!

So why is Tubularsock supposed to be scared again?

Well, there IS A REASON TO BE SCARED …………………

President OrangeTweet picked Dr. Victor Cha for nomination as the U.S. Ambassador to South Korea.

Cha was vetted and has been approved by South Korea as well. Cha is a very capable and knowledgeable choice to be Ambassador and as American Ambassadors go maybe overqualified if there is such a thing.

So for OrangeTweet to pick him was a surprise to Tubularsock.

BUT as the world turns …….. a few days ago Cha was pulled from the list by the Trump Administration.

WHY? Sure you asked!

Because in private Dr. Victor Cha expressed concerns about a military strike approach to North Korea!

Well good bye, Victor!

It appears that the Trump Administration believes that a “bloody nose” strategy on North Korea is all that it will take to keep North Korea in line.

And the “bloody nose” strategy goes like this:

If in the future North Korea does a missile test or other provocative act the American response would be a carefully targeted attack on a North Korean military facility. But this is exactly why North Korea wants nuclear weapons! North Korea doesn’t want to be Syria or Iraq where the U.S. can bomb anytime it gets upset!. No, with nuclear weapons …….. the warmongering Americans have to think twice.

HAVING nuclear weapons keeps from being attacked at the whim of the U.S.! What is so difficult to understand here?

Now if one reverses this Trump-esque insanity:

If the U.S. happened to do something that North Korea took as a provocative act and North Korea responded by “carefully targeting” a U.S. ship to show their disapproval, just what do you think the U.S.response would be?


So, how can it be assumed that an irrational Kim Jong-un, as he is portrayed, would take it all in stride and not assume that this “selected rational limited attack” wasn’t a full out attack and in response start a war that kills hundreds of thousands of North and South Korean civilians and large numbers of US troops in a matter of hours?




  1. swo8 says:

    “Cheeseburger diplomacy” sounds good to me. I bet Kim Jong-un would go for it too. Looks like he’s had a few too many already.

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  2. sojourner says:

    Tube, you need to stop concentrating on this same old shit bullshit and get thee to Sacramento, some insane ass shit is going on there, every second of every day:


    Walt Disney’s disease (fuckin’ Goofy) has infected the entire state, Tube.

    Every day I read another horror story about California. WTF, Tube, you’re on the inside of power, so get your buddies in the military to nuke Jerry Brown and Klan, or do something. Wait, is Brown still governor? Is this the same Jerry Brown who molested Linda Ronstadt in the seventies? Wow, shouldn’t he be dead by now? What young woman is he molesting these days? Or has Weinstein’s predicament made him put his dick away?

    I’m off tack here, Tube! Sorry!

    Tube, your state is making the bible thumping deep south, in particular, fucked beyond belief Florida, look like a freedom loving individual’s paradise. WTF?

    What happened to the California I loved almost forty years ago?

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    • tubularsock says:

      Now hold up there partner, calm your horses and tie them to the hitching post and came along into this here saloon.

      Now what is the difference in putting children into locked down institutes of learning by state trained knowledge enforcers and parents beating and torturing they children at home?

      Well nothing.

      So what is your beef?

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  3. Batt Guano says:

    Tube: There is a poem in order for all of this…
    –When I think of a nuke…
    –It makes me want to puke…
    –But thinking of Trump..
    –Gives me a similar emotion..
    –As he eyes Kim Jong Un…
    –Far across the ocean…
    –He uses Kim as a distraction…
    –To the trouble Trump’s in..
    –For turning to the Russians…
    –To help him win…
    –Both Kim in Pyongyang..
    –And The Donald in the White House..
    –Are each a definite and miserable louse…
    –But at least Kim’s consistent…
    –We know what to expect..
    –He’s firm and direct…
    –Trump is no one to plan on…
    –He’s as reliable as a loose cannon..
    –So why don’t we trade..
    –Little Kim for the Orange Man…
    –And sleep better at night for the exchange we made……
    –Kim will be corrupted by stacks of lobbyist’s money
    –So green and so tall…
    –He’ll no longer be any trouble at all…
    –And Trump will use his new power on the DMZ..
    –To finally build himself a wall…

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  4. I’ve never been a big fan of the Crips. I’ve always found the Bloods much easier to deal with.

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  5. Jay says:

    That slogan is to die for, possibly even literally.

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