Now Tubularsock has become aware that an impeachment is really an old concept of the so called “civilized” world.

You know the story: “No one is above the law”. EVERYONE in the political sphere are willing to say that over and over with a straight face.

And yet, rather than look into the offense and totally investigate the charges, the game is to obstruct any just-process for investigating and dodge, using procedural maneuvering to bypass any information and hide it from the American people.

Seems par for the course to Tubularsock.

That is why Tubularsock sees that a more modern procedural process may be in order.

Just what if “A LONE WOLF” with access to drone driving takes out Air Force One on its way back from Mar-a- Lago blowing up Donald AND maybe even Ivanka (you know …. a twofer).

We could be shocked and run around pointing the finger at Iran, Venezuela, or Cuba for starters. OR EVEN the Deep State! (But whatever you do, don’t point a finger at Israel or Saudi Arabia.)

We could all run about saying “WHY?” or “WHAT HAVE WE DONE?” or “ONLY SOMEONE “EVIL’” would do such a thing!

You know, the same old brain dead response from Americans.

And then it would be off to war we go because what better way to abhor violence than to attack and kill …… well, those responsible.

EVEN if we don’t know or can’t prove who that may be it doesn’t really matter.

You remember Iraq, right? Or Afghanistan?

Fifteen of the nineteen 9/11 hijackers were from Saudi Arabia which logically led to war with Iraq and Afghanistan.

So really, extortion, bribery, selling out to a foreign country for personal gain, using a political office to acquire financial gain, lie, cheat, obstruct justice and being Orange with small hands are really only minor qualifications of illegal activities for the Presidency as opposed to WAR CRIMES!

Just maybe Americans just might want to, besides draw and quarter the Orange Wonder, arrest and try Baby Bush and Obomber as well as the Orange Turd for Crimes Against Humanity!

And sure you can toss in fucking Killery and OLD Joe as well!

But that ain’t going to happen so Tubularsock will just have to wait for that Lone Wolf to do what others won’t do.

And please remember hypothetical scenarios ARE NOT threats but are simply wishful thinking of possibilities that could happen.

Tubularsock is not advocating violence toward anyone. But Tubularsock’s sympathy toward a dead rat is not high on Tubularsock’s compassionate scale. Just sayen’.

So how about a rousing chorus of kum ba yah to close.


  1. swo8 says:

    No doubt there are a number of scoundrels to deal with Tubularsock.

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  2. I vote for “None of the Above” on the 2020 ballot, as I do every election. It never wins. Too bad. Do we really need so many elected job titles?

    By the way, which finger should we use to point?

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    • tubularsock says:

      katharineotto, thank you for your wise comment. Your approach does point to the best candidate to date.

      Tubularsock does much the same thing and the result is similar to yours.

      It seems that we do need so many “elected job titles” to keep everyone confused when it is time to pass the buck.

      As for digital dexterity, “the finger” works well for Tubularsock!

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      • Sha'Tara says:

        Whenever there’s a relevant election (erection?) I always vote for myself, then I carry on doing the job I elected myself to do. I’ve never lost in an election, just as I’ve never lost a lottery draw or a throw of the dice. Institutional voting is just another type of gambling. The house always wins.

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      • tubularsock says:

        Very wise Sha’Tara. Tubularsock attempts to step widely around the erection cycle for not wanting to get entangled in size count.

        And yes, the house always does win because the dice are loaded and the race is rigged. Which is another good reason to vote for oneself and win. NICE GOING!

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      • It’s my favorite finger, too. It’s the longest one, so probably the most potent, in Freudian terms.


  3. I was really counting on you to run for president again this year, Tube. What happened?

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    • tubularsock says:

      Obviously DrB. you haven’t heard of Tubularsock’s Stealth Presidential Campaign for 2020. Soooo, you can see just how well it is working.

      You may not know this but Tubularsock lost his 2016 bid for President and it was due to, of all things, citizens casting their ballots in swing states for others rather than Tubularsock!

      And Tubularsock knows what you are saying right now, “WHAT GALL”! And Tubularsock agrees. It was a PERFECT election and Tubularsock did everything PERFECT and as PERFECT as Tubularsock was, during that election cycle, when the ballot boxes were open the popular vote was PERFECT for Tubularsock but that damn Electoral College went for a less perfect individual.

      Yet, the Electoral Primary School went unanimously for Tubularsock!

      As a result of that PERFECT setback Tubularsock has been running the Stealth Campaign for President.

      And if you care to support Tubularsock, the PERFECT President, place a brown lunch bag stuff full of unmarked Franklin’s under the bus stop bench at Washington Avenue and 23rd Street.

      Oh, and please be sure to be stealth about it. It will fit well with the campaign.

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