Oh yes, EASTER.

Now Tubularsock is a big proponent of people believing whatever they wish about everything. And as long as they practice their beliefs with others with consensus and not attempt to force others to follow their beliefs that is all fine and good with Tubularsock.

Whether it is sexual orientation, politics, economics, religion it doesn’t really matter what you believe and Tubularsock is even willing to argue with you if Tubularsock believes you are fucking bat shit crazy!

Consenting adults, have at it.

The issue comes up when people start to attempt to place THEIR beliefs and THEIR “values” on others that don’t agree by creating laws or social control or shame or ……. whatever.

FIRST Tubularsock commandment is:

LEAVE OTHER PEOPLE ALONE. And if you don’t like what they do THEN FUCKING DON’T DO IT YOURSELF! Period.

With that in mind, Trump And Easter And The “Rapturistic” Right all come together as just one big fun preposterous hypocrisy. NOW, how fun is that?

For example in Louisiana pastor, Rev. Tony Spell, states that, “Like any zealot or like any pure religious person, death looks to them like a welcome friend. True Christians do not mind dying . . .

So Spell (interesting name) has defied Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards’ orders to not have public gatherings. And in good old Jim-Jones-Style, Spell brought in a 26 BUS fleet of his parishioners for his Palm Sunday service.

Currently in Louisiana there are more than 17,000 cases of the coronavirus with about 652 deaths.

And Tubularsock agrees with Rev. Tony. So if he is willing to house his parishioners and keep them all together in religious bless to ALL DIE TOGETHER Tubularsock has no problem with that. The fucking more the merrier!

The problem for Tubularsock is the gall of Rev Tony Spell to not be concerned about spreading to others who may NOT WISH TO DIE FOR HIS FUCKING GOD!

So as we are heading toward Easter may Spell and his flock march into death because HIS christians “. . . do not mind dying . . .”! AMEN!

However Tubularsock would recommend to Tony’s flock to shift really fast over to The Church of Tubularsock! WE just fucking have more fun than death!

And many churches are attempting to do the same shit they have always done on Easter and all gather together EVEN though under the circumstances it has been shown NOT TO BE A GOOD IDEA!

Kinda makes one wonder just how much all that “love thy neighbor” REALLY means to them.

Lucky most Houses of Worship are caring enough to protect their followers as well as their communities but the right wing zealots have always been cultist and stupid so maybe it is just “God’s” way of killing them off. Amen!

And speaking of the PURENESS OF STUPIDITY the Orange Dump is on record saying that “Easter, has a special meaning” to him and to see the churches full of people and the ECONOMY back as God intended.

And the ONLY CONCLUSION that Tubularsock could glean from Orange Dump’s statement is expressed below:


It is important to remember, stay home on Easter and eat an egg. Just why the Easter Bunny hides eggs on just Easter has always been a mystery to Tubularsock. Where Jesus resurrecting himself is easily for Tubularsock to believe because JC wasn’t stupid. 

Just why would he stick around this Hell-Hole?  Amen!

  1. Sha'Tara says:

    My conclusions, in the inimitable words of the great, never to be seen again, Harry Crumb, “Believe what you will but don’t believe it here!”

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  2. swo8 says:

    Happy Easter Tubularsock.

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  3. Couldn’t agree with you more, Tubularsock!

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  4. Ah, those Trumpist stalwarts…crying over aborted babies, calling gynodocs murder along with “evil” have no problem seeing swaths of people in the US dying for the economy, but then they claim they believe in the “sanctity of life,” unless it affects the economy, apparently. Hypocrisy is the Trumpian diet, along with constant lies not even fools can believe in. Pepto Dismal anyone?

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  5. sojourner says:

    I can’t believe you’ve bought into this covid 19 bullshit, Tube! Fuck Easter, but I applaud these holy rollers for doing what they are doing. Stick to your statement above, Tube, that you respect the beliefs of others, beliefs come with actions, whether others like it or not! I know you hate Trump, and that your Bud dropped out again, but this is you NOT respecting the beliefs of others.

    Check out the following articles and videos, Mr Stay at Home and play their fucked up control games! Tube, you sound like the mainstream media talking heads here! This is why we are in this fucking mess, because of the love of the left for the fucking nanny/police state this piece of shit government is and has always been: “Thank you, Big Brother, we are good little kiddies and will stay home, just like you tell us!” Fuck! Mindless, insouciant sheep to the fucking slaughter.

    Come on, Tube, you’re better than this! Wake the fuck up!

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    • tubularsock says:

      sojourner, Tubularsock sees that you have an opinion on this subject and a lot of information for Tubularsock to ponder when sitting with his mask and gloves on.

      And Tubularsock thanks you for all of that.

      Tubularsock has made it a practice not to go out and hug someone with malaria, or dengue fever, or even Trumpitities. It is just a thing Tubularsock has learned to do.

      So just because the government, health experts, or others say what they have found to be “true” Tubularsock doesn’t just “believe” them.

      Tubularsock is a strong believer in “Trust in Allah but tether your camel”!

      Like ALL contagious diseases …….. they do have a possibility to be contagious and sure one can STAND UP on a principle and not pay attention to the advice given by health practitioners and not heed their warning and that is fine with Tubularsock.

      BUT the fact that that individual then decides to go out and hug Tubularsock IS NOT acceptable. That is the point!

      Tubularsock doesn’t care what you believe BUT DON’T crowd Tubularsock with your belief that may be contagious to Tubularsock.

      We live in a collective mind, a pack mind, and depending on which way the wind blows or which way the eddy flows the populations follows.

      All Tubularsock is saying is STEP OUT of the heard and ponder that.

      Tubularsock is not naive about the workings of government power and control nor of religious power and control but Tubularsock is not interested in throwing himself into the fire to prove some pointless principle that is all made up anyway.

      Nope, Tubularsock is willing to part himself from the herd and ponder all this material you have referred Tubularsock to sojourner.

      And do wash your hands.


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      • sojourner says:

        In other words, just obey:

        Tube, it is the flu, tens of hundreds of thousands of people, the elderly and people with weakened immune systems, etc, die every year from the flu and a multitude of other causes. The CD is telling doctors and hospitals to count every death as caused by COVID 19! What should this tell you, Tube?

        It should tell you that this is all bullshit, just like 9-11, etc. Did you know they tried to pull this same despotic shit with H1N1, Sars, Zeka, etc, etc. Did you also know that there were two outbreaks of a virulent flu in 1956 and 1968, which made millions of people ill and killed over a million. These were much worse than this bullshit! In fact, more Americans have died, this season, from the flu than have died from this bullshit! I was 6 in 1956, and I was 18 in 1968, and I don’t remember anything like this taking place then, do you?

        And on the subject of distancing, it is your responsibility to take care of you, not mine or anyone else’s. In other words, don’t infringe on my natural rights, because you are afraid of a virus!

        This is about globalism and a one world government, currency, etc etc. That’s all this is, and just like with 9-11, over the next months and years, those of us who don’t trust the government, will find out that this was all bullshit. But by then, even more of rights will be gone.

        But who gives a fuck about that, right! Aunty EM Aunty EM! It’s a corona twister!

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      • tubularsock says:

        sojourner, It appears that social distancing and breaking the cycle of contact between individuals help shift the number of those who become infected.

        That is what helps to slow down the infection. That is just what has been shown is happening while in areas not practicing awareness the number have gone up.

        Now …….. who is behind all this is an entirely different matter and one that Tubularsock understand quite well.

        And YES it is Tubularsock’s responsibility to take care of himself but there is a social responsibility to help others as well. However YOUR “natural rights” are not any higher up the totem pole than Tubularsock’s “natural rights” so just don’t try to kiss Tubularsock because the deep state may have set you up to GET Tubularsock with this deadly flu.

        Stay clear, and wash your hands!

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    • Sha'Tara says:

      The REASONS given for the pandemic are so obviously badly cooked and left in the open to rot I could smell it while trying to eat my lunch! First sentence: The COVID-19 pandemic is a blobalist agenda in another attempt to take over the world as one dictatorial medical and financial system.
      Second sentence: 9-11 didn’t accomplish all they had hoped for, leaving too many other players out of their trap.

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  6. sojourner says:

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  7. selizabryangmailcom says:

    Omg! Do you realize you’re holding the entire world up above SANS GLOVES??!!
    I mean, they LOOK blue, but I can clearly see some veins and fingernails ! ! !

    Remember that line from The Hunt from Red October where Andrei says to the captain:
    “You arrogant ass–you’ve killed us!!”

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    • tubularsock says:

      While Tubularsock is saving the world Tubularsock has to be gloved in designer gloves as well as being prepared.

      And yes, SB ……. Don’t forget, with true cooperation with the Soviet Union, the parting words in the film were, “Welcome to the New World, sir.”

      Thanks for the comment.

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  8. Sha'Tara says:

    I remember that scene so clearly!

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  9. sojourner says:

    “sojourner, It appears that social distancing and breaking the cycle of contact between individuals help shift the number of those who become infected.

    That is what helps to slow down the infection. That is just what has been shown is happening while in areas not practicing awareness the number have gone up.”

    And where did you get this info, Tube? From the same sources that are inflating the death rates?!

    Don’t tell me, Tube, prove it! What I have given you to read is by medical whistleblowers, or those in the field, not CNN or MSNBC!

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  10. sojourner says:

    The new/pseudo/faux left has been after this kind of shit for three decades or more. If Big Brother had actually existed, he would have been hoisted into power by primarily the left.

    Check this truism out, Tube! It’s by a blogger’s site you frequent:

    “Government ‘officials’ of whom you pay their salary, implant their Stasi-like boots upon the throats of the innocents – with cute and dainty sayings like, ‘stay home – save lives’, while spouting the opposite vermin thinking of – ‘we’re all in this together.’

    How in the fuck can we all be in this together, with the idea behind it all that we’re helping each other out, when we’re stuck in the stale stench of our own homes?”

    This statement so clearly shows how dumb fuck Americans truly are, and how easily, then, it is to make them bark like a fucking dog anytime the inbred pigs choose to ring the bell!

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  11. sojourner says:

    You still glad you posted this, Tube?;-)

    Look, Tube, i am not stating that you, or anyone else, does not have the right to keep your distance, wear masks and stay at home, etc, etc! What I am saying is, I, and those like me, also have the universal/natural right NOT TO take part in this circus side show!

    I would say this really is the last article I’ll leave with you, and I really mean it this time, but… who knows…:

    “…During the Eurovision Finale in May of 2019, a corona-wearing Madonna is surrounded by gas masked, zombie like dancers as she sang, “Not everyone can come into the future / Not everyone that’s here is gonna last.” At the end, they all fall over backward, out of sight, so that only the 61-year-old sex symbol remains, with rapper Quavo.

    Maybe they’re just cute coincidences, among many others, but don’t you sometimes get the feeling we’re just being toyed with?

    With our plastic, skyscraping project imploding, perhaps we can devolve into a breed that’s simpler, muddier and gnarlier, less distracted so much saner, and more honest to those around us, since we can’t escape them. Perhaps we’ll become men again.

    Or maybe not. Cowed by fear, oozing despair and dependent on those who have clearly betrayed us at each turn, we’ll become even more catatonic in our cells. After lockdown, we’ll stumble like blind fools, into this farce, again.”

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    • tubularsock says:

      sojourner, Tubularsock appreciates your contributions of articles and your own views of all subjects we discuss. So feel free to provide whatever information you wish.

      Tubularsock is just as concerned and fearful that all this is just another attempt to practice greater control over all of us as you are and the parallels with 9/11 are obvious.

      And the fact that “both our” information sources are biased in a direction is also of concern to Tubularsock.

      The numbers that are continually being provided may not be accurate at all as well as all the other information we are continually bombarded with may be intentionally misdirected. How do we know?

      There are certain information providers seemly more “believable” than others but even then may still be incorrect. How do we know?

      Traditionally we have been taught that viruses are passed between each other by exposure. And yes, that may be just a belief system that has only been accepted.

      And some appear to be more contagious than others. But not everyone have the same immune system so the range for contagiousness is wildly varied.

      So risk factors vary. So how does one proceed? Do you disregard the information provided and risk yourself and others or do you take precautions based on that information?

      Is it your natural right to expose others or they you? Or is the operative step to be careful and respect others as well. Especially in a society that doesn’t care that much for the other guy as long as “I get mine”.

      Tubularsock doesn’t underestimate the POWERS THAT BE to use this crisis to gain even more control nor does Tubularsock not see the very likely possibility that the entire crisis hasn’t been created to impose control. That all remains to be seen.

      And finely sojourner, Tubularsock is very happy that Tubularsock posted this post.
      The amount of information you have provided has just made Tubularsock’s research so much easier. You have collected it for Tubularsock in one location.

      And one other thing that will make you happy. Have you seen how well the stock market has rallied and headed off to the races? The rich have seen their opportunity for profit from all this crisis stuff.

      SEE, things haven’t changed that much.


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  12. sojourner says:

    Okay, then, we basically agree, but not all the way.

    “So risk factors vary. So how does one proceed? Do you disregard the information provided and risk yourself and others or do you take precautions based on that information?

    Is it your natural right to expose others or they you? Or is the operative step to be careful and respect others as well. Especially in a society that doesn’t care that much for the other guy as long as “I get mine”.”

    Yes, it is my right to disregard, when what is being pandered as fact, has been pandered time and time again, while being a fucking LIE, as I and others have pointed out. And there can be no argument on this fact, Tube, the evidence is staring us in the face.

    Just because you and others choose to take the safe road, if it is a safe road, which you do not know either, doesn’t mean I have to as well. I don’t have to follow you and the mindless herd over the death of freedom cliff!

    This is what I mean by the left always being at the mercy of the nanny/police state, and expecting me and others to follow these inbred assholes right over the edge. Am I going to go and kiss people I don’t know on the mouth? No, but I will not stand six feet away and wear a fucking mask, which the CDC, not two weeks ago, said would cause more harm than good, and now, two weeks later, they want us to wear the masks. BULLSHIT! BULLSHIT! BULLSHIT!

    Lies and bullshit, 24/7/365!

    And yet, most of us are still playing their fucked up games. Guess what, Tube, if I get this, then i will either get over it or die. Fuck, you and I already have a foot in the grave, Tube. SO fucking what! This is a piece of shit existence, beyond the fear of how I will die, I long for this shit to be over!

    After this bullshit scam is over, Tube, the flu will still be here, making people ill and killing some; a few in comparison to the whole!

    I hear you, Tube. You want to follow the rules, just in case, and anyone who doesn’t do as you do, is an irresponsible jerk. So don’t talk about freedom and rights, unless you are willing to stand up and defend them against the bullshitters! And please, make this clear to all those lefty-lib -dems that permeate the left coast, “California tumbles into the sea!” Steely Dan hated California too!

    I’m done! You will hear no more on this subject from me.

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    • Sha'Tara says:

      Just my two-bits worth here Tube: most of those who will toe the official line are people scared shitless of contracting this virus, not people who care first and foremost about others. As long as we continue to try to survive on the basis of fear or this or that, we are not mentally or spiritually evolved creatures, just animals who can walk on two legs; who have opposable thumbs, can have verbal conversations and can put unnatural shit together to give a pretense of being smarter than nature, hence the smartest of all other forms of life found here. Except the fear factor clearly indicates that not only are we not evolved, we are the most destructive life on the planet. This would explain why “nature” in various, sometimes quite creative ways, is trying its damnedest to reduce our population and failing that, is going to develop a process whereby we will become a welcome smear on the fossil record. Like Sojourner, I am on the way out and in all honesty, there is nothing in me clinging to another day, never mind another year. That said, out of respect for the brainwashed and the fear-filled, I do the distance thing but I won’t wear a mask unless legally forced to in which case I am going to wear a hijab! See what they make of that!

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      • tubularsock says:

        Sha’Tara, Tubularsock doesn’t really want to be too cavalier about this but in truth WE ALL are on our way out ever since we got here. It happens to be the nature of the place.

        That being said, the fact that this illusion which we were dropped into IS the BIG LIE we have been TRAINED into from our arrival so really when the ultimate IS-The-Big-Lie then all these silly lessor conspiracy theories seem not all that important.

        It is just the game that we are all in and then “poof” we’re out!

        If this entire mess continues long enough it may prove to be much more positive than anticipated. Being somewhat directed to break out of the social conditioning and being “alone” may prove the game changer for the entire culture.

        What if, by breaking out of the forced routine, people become clear that they can do with waaaay less and be MORE happy. What if people start to welcome not working at jobs they hated and just stop working?

        The fact that most people are not really happy and have been sold a bill of goods that happiness=stuff and after breaking out by forced separation actually “find themselves” FOR REAL.

        Some of that will happen for some and depending on the numbers that influence may tip the applecart to a much more open direction.

        Free spirits have always been difficult because the fake important goals that are used to control do not work if one doesn’t want or believe in them any longer.

        So the longer people have to face themselves the better the chances for base line change.

        Now as for our current situation of masks or no masks and social distancing is all just a crap shoot. The mask appear more for protecting others from your germs than the other-way around and keeping your distance sure can’t hurt anyone so why not.

        The fact that the government agencies direct it to be done causes alarm but the logic of the direction seems to help more than it hinders.

        Some people don’t “want to be controlled” and “told what to do”. Our entire existence is just that already!

        How often do you NOT stop at a Stop sign because you don’t want to be told by the government how to drive? How often do you close your eyes while driving seventy miles an hour on the freeway because you believe in “free will”?

        Some laws are made as an assistance for surviving in a group even if the government is involved in the rule making.
        As for wearing a hijab, Tubularsock would wear one to hide his machine gun when Tubularsock wakes up to his jihadi moment!

        Other than that it may be attractive for your purposes if you wear it with a mini-skirt and spiked heels with a pet boa constrictor draped around the hijab.

        It would clearly keep people 6 feet away from you!

        Or do you think that would be just too much?

        Thanks for your comment and stay safe.


    • tubularsock says:

      Thanks for your roundup, sojourner. Don’t worry, they’ll be plenty to discuss in the future. You can count on it.

      Take care. Tubularsock is sending you a mask drenched in Wild Turkey just to see if you can resist!

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    • Gee, sorry I can’t pass soooo journed’s wisdom to my two dead neighbors up the street. Same for those we can’t pass your wisdom about CV along to the 8 who died we got to know in Italy last year. Just swell, eh?


  13. Sha'Tara says:

    I really like the image of the hijab outfit! I could go out as Lilith, naked but for the boa constrictor and maybe a face mask? But then it might be harder to keep to the six foot distance restriction… or have no need of it if people focused on the snake rather than… well… you know!
    OK, I like your answer. That makes sense to me. Going along for the ride because of the vision it gives of a better future; a changed future in which the sheep have looked up and saw the meaning of freedom in the skies.

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  14. Gee…sojourner has so journed, and journed and journed, they seem to lost their macro focus. If the globalist empire were to ensure a good food supply, “wet markets” where wild animals are sold, or eliminate the need to eat deep fried rats, diseases like SARS and CV wouldn’t have spread as they did. But questioning food supplies is not allowed> Stay focused, sojourner, and not wade so heavily into “one good conspiracy theory begats another.” Wanna help dig up and revive Lee Harvey Oswald? A worthy effort,for which time has come.

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  15. sojourner says:

    New subject, Tube, not going back on my word!

    Speaking of the POTUS 2020, why does Bernie do this kind of shit? First Hillary in 2016, and now, Biden:

    If Bernie is this easily turned around by the likes of Biden, Hillary and company, then why would I, or anyone else for that matter, believe he could take on the big boys (big pigs) and make a change for the better?

    Methinks, Tube, that you have put far too much stock in old Bernie. This is why I say, we cannot trust anyone who claims to be able to politically fix this piece of shit government. You can’t fix what is not broken. This government is functioning just the way it was intended from the get-go, and now, evidently, it and us as well, have outlived our usefulness to these inbred pigs!

    Bad days ahead, I would venture a guess.

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    • tubularsock says:

      sojourner, as Tubularsock has indicated times before that Bernie has many flaws that bothered Tubularsock. The major ones fall into his foreign policy past decisions.

      The reason Tubularsock liked Bernie is because he is the ONLY candidate that really had a direction that would have attempted to improve the citizens as a whole.

      Bernie seems also to be a person who cares about the regular people and his record has been consistent over the years. And that is worth giving him support in Tubularsock’s view.

      And you and Tubularsock both know that even if he got into the office he would have had a hell of a time making ANY changes because both the Republican’ts and the Democraps establishments would have done everything they could to stop any of his reforms.

      So for him to fall in line to oppose Dump just fits with his nature to be a positive force. So you can’t blame him for that!

      His followers aren’t “push-overs” however because they are more concerned about the policies Bernie stood for rather than Bernie the candidate. So many will jump ship and not vote. Tubularsock can’t blame them for that.

      But you have Tubularsock’s total agreement on the fact that the government is functioning EXACTLY the way the power elite set it up to operate. Two different names for ONE party with a free election to pick the pre-selected candidates. Either way THEY win, not us!


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      • sojourner says:

        I know, Tube! I hear you! I just thought after all the shit I have been spewing, I would try to change the subject. And I agree, I think Bernie does care for we commoners. But to coin an old mercenary phrase: “Bernie ain’t got the right stuff”, nor has Trump, needless to say, nor Biden/Hillary, needless to say times two, nor any of these other assholes who openly plotted against Bernie.

        As you know, Tube, our last great hope, as a people, was assassinated, in a government led coup, in Dallas, Texas, almost 57 years ago.

        We the little people, the not ‘chosen’, the unfit to exist, have been the Titanic going down by the bow, ever since then!

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  16. Batt Guano says:

    WHEW!!!!!! All this conspiracist fervor has me exhausted and out of breath. And I don’t even have the Caronavirus…yet! They have a name for some of the people who ignore the instructions to isolate themselves and wash their hands more often. DECEASED!!!

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    • tubularsock says:

      Relax Batt, if the virus doesn’t get you then fucking Biden or Trump will!
      Two fucking stupid assholes attempting to “win the votes” of a band of fucking stupid people.

      Kind of makes the VIRUS look good!

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      • sojourner says:

        Sounds like capitalist-pig bat-guano to me, Tube! Another radical who ain’t a radical at all, and never was!


      • sojourner says:

        I forgot, and a great poet, he ain’t!


      • Sha'Tara says:

        “Our” leaders aren’t the only f’n stupid A-Holes. I have a neighbour, poor as dirt, trying to hold on to a bit of life with “generous” help from yours truly (yeah, this is Canada, not the US, not Detroit or LA) who by watching TV has decided that she hates Bernie Sanders and just loves gropin’ Joe. When I tried to explain a few facts she refused to discuss it further. She had expected me to agree with her. Well ‘FUKITOL’, I can’t compete with the TV. I felt like getting nasty and say, like, why don’t you get Lover Joe to help you pay your rent, buy groceries, or fix your plumbing? My dad used to say it, and I’ve carried on the tradition that PEOPLE ARE THEIR OWN WORST ENEMIES. That never changes, throughout history you see the same. Read Shakespeare, or Mark Twain, the same, the same. I think it was St. Francis of Assisi who created the “little servants of the poor” who warned his followers, “your greatest enemies will be the people you try to help. They will eat you alive.” In the ever-repeating end the sheeple get exactly what they deserve because they get what they want. That’s why the “vote” is such a marvelous con game. Every voting booth is a one-arm bandit promising a win. If “THEY” were smart they’d install slots on them and have the sheeple put in their coins, then pull the handle to see if they get three Trump heads or Biden heads in a row. “I won! I won!”

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      • tubularsock says:

        Now sojourner, poetry as well as art is in the mind of the beholder. One either likes it or they don’t.
        That’s what makes the world go round.


      • tubularsock says:

        Well said Sha’Tara. Tubularsock has a habit of looking at the calender to attempt to believe that we are really in 2020 and not 1630!

        Dumbness prevails as you so wonderfully explained and we even now have a plague!

        Thanks for your continued insights.

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    • sojourner says:

      Behold, your holy savior:

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  17. Gee, so let me get this right…soooojourner is willing to contract CV so he can join the “kamikaze progressive” squad, and attend Trump rallies in “reopened” America to infect Trumpists? And is Sha’Tara sticking her hand up, too? Cool. All you do is wait for the Trumpists to start chanting “lock her up,” then sneeze, allowing the virus to get deeply sucked in to Trumpist lungs. Gotta agree with Tubular…bring on the drugs!

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    • Sha'Tara says:

      Inevitably with these kinds of propagandized events, emotions enter the picture and you get polarization. That’s when facts, or rather how “facts” are put together,” no longer matter in the least. Faith to the rescue and we’re off to war, sheep against sheep… and the wolves laugh. No need to run, just feed off the bodies and get fat. Meeeeeeeeeeh!

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    • tubularsock says:

      Well RCS, that is one interpretation. Sha’Tara and sojourner may have something to say about it.
      As for Tubularsock the drugs are kicking in …….. peace bro.


  18. Gotta go get mine. Seems Sha’Tara didn’t get the context of her favorite scene in “Hunt,” but liked the dialogue. Scriptwriters need to be useful, as in “BE a grip.” LOL


  19. Opher says:

    Reblogged this on Opher's World and commented:
    I’m all for freedom of belief and expression – as long as they don’t indoctrinate kids.
    If religious extremists want to all get together to pass on their germs – that’s up to them – as long as they don’t expect the health service to clear up their mess!

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  20. But the religious freaks are glad to die so they can go see gawd. Yup, let them do just that. Same goes for those thinking this just another conspiracy, they should run and liberate Virginia. LOL I worked once for a company that made “tools of the trade.” Now I live in a country populated by fools of the trade.

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  21. Let’s be clear a bit. sooooojourner implies both he and Tube are getting on in years, so it’s okay if they die. Really? It would be a real loss to “The General” scope of things to have Tubular check out prematurely. And sooojourner is all worked up about Bill Gates. Gates is just another oligarch with a big wallet, not some evil genius plotting the end of mankind. That would cut into sales of operating systems. Oligarcs ARE the problem, and do run the Show, but that can be changed. sooojourner keeps talking about what Bernie or someone would do or not do. What would soooojourner do to make some of Bernie’s ideas real? Do something? Join with other to do something? Or?

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    • tubularsock says:

      RCS, Tubularsock won’t attempt to explain sojourner’s position however there does seem to be a ton of evidence that Gates is no sweetheart but the oligarchs are really not the problem!

      The citizens ARE the problem! By not revolting. Election after election the power structure continues control.

      As you know, there is only ONE party and no matter what name it goes by the power and direction remain the same.

      Thanks for the comment. And yes Tubularsock is not hot on being dead!


  22. Fear not. Bill Gates will start wrapping the dead in the remaining pages of the Codex Hammer. A few pages remain after he quit using them as place mats. And I do believe oligarchs are a problem, but will also agree with your comment about citizens, Tubulareffort and I’d be damned to do it . People are too scared of revolution. But I feel there’s still much that can be done “inside the system,” if you work at it. I’ve managed in the past to get some things done, I was told were “impossible.” Yup, it was an effort, and I’d be damned if I’d do it again. “Next!! Here’s the torch.” 🙂

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  23. LOL “Poof!” Kidding asde, Back when it mattered, the state had a system only legislators and lobbiest could use to read legislation and state law electronically. Seemed little reason the information in electronic form couldn’t be made available to citizens. After several years of trying “third party” means of creating the info, the only practical way was making what was available to few, available to many. So sat down with another person in my kitchen and wrote a bill. Then went through the processing of getting a bill enacted into law. Oy. Once passed, then had to work it wasn’t absorbed by any state agency, so had the project turned to a nonpartisan “legislative service committee” for distribution and making it work. Took a year. It can be done, it can happen. Want Bernie’s platform? Turn into legislation and run with it at a state level, at least. Just some thoughts.

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    • tubularsock says:

      RCS, Tubularsock has no doubt that change can happen when dedicated individuals and groups work to implement change. But as you are well aware it is always an uphill battle hence the need for gasoline and torches. Incentives work!


  24. I have to agree, we’ve gone past just hard work and do need torches, pitchforks and gasoline as “incentive for change.” It always is an uphill battle. Always got to use best tools for the job at hand.


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