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NEW OLD NEWS: Deja vu ?

Well Tubularsock was sitting in his top floor corner office in the underground bunker overlooking Washington, D. C. from Oakland, CA. and it’s Deja vu all over again.

Remember in the Matrix when Neal sees a black cat twice and says, Deja vu ? And everybody freaks because that is a sign that there’s a change in the matrix. Which means that they have been detected while on a mission.

Tube matrix

Or remember the magician who does slight-of-hand right in front of you but he’s able to divert your attention so he can trick you? Time and again, and again and …….

It appears to Tubularsock that all the news around the world is all playing back old programs and attempting to convince us that it’s new.

Now would you people with cable TV with 6,0304 channels put up with reruns of all last years and previous years shows being played over again. (no, hold it ….. Tubularsock knows you would because you already do ……. but there’s more.)

And on top of that sell you the idea that it’s all new programing. And because of that the cable rates are going to go up 50%.

Well, that’s what we got here folks ………….. illusion

Israel is bombing Palestine AGAIN and Palestine is sending these ratty-ass “missiles”

back at Israel. As well as their regular supply of rocks.

Tubularsock thinks it’s time to sell some dependable missiles to Palestine. The crap they are trying to attack Israel with is shit. Who is providing them with weapons? The United States sells weapons to anybody. Why not Palestine? Their money’s good. Right?

Business is business, come on capitalists, where is that “free market” spirit?

And then there’s Tubularsock’s good friends at ISIS. Allah be tazed.

Palestine could hook up with them because now ISIS can provide Palestine with American missiles, trucks, helicopters, tanks, planes, and even 90 lbs. of raw nuclear stuff.

Now don’t worry, the officials who know nuclear stuff say, “There is nothing to be alarmed about a group of highly armed-psychopathic-homicidal-maniacs with a 13 century vision acquiring this raw-nuke-shit.” 

Aren’t we so lucky …….. wow, and for a minute Tubularsock started to worry.

And then all the fucking immigrant children that are flooding our boarders. You know those boarders that we have put fences up, check points, Boarder Patrols those boarders! And Homeland Security hasn’t scanned any of these children upon entry because they aren’t cooperating like terrorist do and come in through airports! Shit!

Now what is that all about?

Why are the immigrant children picking on us? Why don’t they just go back to their dictatorships that the United States set up for them. Ungracious foreigners!

No, what is happening is just regular TV programming. It is more economical for the major maimed-stream-media to re-run old news than to send out reporters to gather new news. Really, you can see that can’t you?

And it is so American! 

The citizens of the United States sit by as the Government and corporate interests take their houses, send their children off to endless wars, renege on their retirement, close down their public libraries, schools, parks and replace them with for profit zones, replace their jobs, break up their unions and spy on each and everyone of them. Yet those citizen just can’t get up from their 60” Plasma televisions and go to the streets to protest any of that.

BUT they can grab their American flags and paint signs and go out into the heat to tell children to go back to where they come from and act like they are taking charge of their empty white-ass lives. FUCKING PATHETIC!

And to top this all off the Kim Kardashian Video Game is “on track to earn $200 million!”

Now Kim’s game is called Kim Kardashian: Hollywood !


Is that just fucking awesome or what? And the entire point of the game ……. wait for it,

is to get your avatar to recharge itself with enough energy to attend all the photo shoots and club openings necessary to journey from the E-list to the A-list. 

Now isn’t that just what everyone really wants to do with their lives ……….. go from the E-list to the A-list in Hollywood?

Now the game itself is a FREE download so where does Kim get her 45% of the net profits of the $200 million sales?

Well, the game is free but to upgrade your avatar power position so you can get yourself to the Hollywood A-list quicker you have to pony-up nearly $500! AND HERE’S WHERE STUPID COMES IN ……….. thousands of people are willing to do this.

Dumb fucks is too weak of a term to describe these dumb fucks!

And some people always seem to wonder, “How does the government and corporate interests seem to get away with what they do without any negative consequences being imposed on them.”

Deja vu, ASK KIM. 

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  1. If that don’t take the goddamn cake!! I throw my hands up! Game over man! Game fucking over! Americans got shit for brains and like I’ve said millions of times before, “you can’t fix shit for brains and you sure as hell can’t fix stupid, brain dead, delusional, apathy, complacency and scratch my head and HUH?”

    And don’t forget to add that the stupid military shits are still ‘manning’ the torpedoes while their families are at the welfare office applying for food stamps and then heading on over to the food bank to supplement those because they went and bought Kim Kartrashcan’s video game to play on the 60″ plasma TV while the ‘hate groups’ are at the borders yelling about some children coming here, illegally and the ‘me so horny’ group is surfing the net for porn. We are done for, BIG TIME!

    Excellent post Tube! As always!


    • tubularsock says:

      Well Shelby, thanks. You have summed it up rather well yourself here. We are dealing with the brain dead here so electrocution by 60″ Plasma TV waves emitted during Duck Dynasty is the only real solution!


  2. I’m advising all my Palestinian friends not to hook up with ISIS, as I have it on good authority (Edward Snowden – that ISIS is a front group created by US, British and Israeli intelligence.

    Even the Times of Israel ( acknowledges that the Palestine branch of Islamic State (aka ISIS aka ISIL) started all the present turmoil by kidnapping those 3 Israeli teenagers. I reckon there must be an Israeli branch, too, because the kidnappers were heard speaking Hebrew on a furtive cellphone call to a police emergency operator:

    Bibi has even built the ISIS fighters in Syria their own field hospital in the Golan Heights:

    Thankfully Palestinians are pretty savvy about this whole infiltration/false flag business, as you can see from this satire recently posted on YouTube:

    Liked by 1 person

    • tubularsock says:

      Thank you Dr.B for this information and comment. Why isn’t Tubularsock surprised? Your comment didn’t end up in the spam file this time but I did have to “approve” you again but at least I knew you sent it. And thanks for the back-up email to inform Tubularsock. Tubularsock has reset every thing so hopefully it will work from now on.


  3. H3nry J3kyll says:

    I wonder whether the game includes a hidden mode where you shoot to the top of the A-list by video-taping sex with a rapper and then claiming the release as “unauthorized?” lol
    Great stuff Tube.


    • tubularsock says:

      H3nry, YOU are a natural gamer! Tubularsock is sure that it will now be incorporated into the game if it isn’t there already. Thanks for the comment, pretty funny dude!


  4. 1EarthUnited says:

    Awesome social commentary, it may seem that you got your wish regarding Palestine getting better missiles. Ironically, the John Kerry (personally?) PLEDGES $47 MILLION TO HELP HAMAS REBUILD MISSILE SUPPLIES! A pretty sick game these elite shits are playing… the old divide and conquer routine – deja vu all over again. Insanity? Ask Kim indeed!


    • tubularsock says:

      Thanks for taking the time to comment 1EarthUnited. Tubularsock appreciates it. The irony may be … after all the things Tubularsock recommends, Kerry buys into that one!
      They are sick fuckers for sure and they call it “humanitarian” aid.


  5. Lara/Trace says:

    Do you think “someone” could be setting Israel up to become toast? (Thinking bankers wars is always on my mind) (What’s a few million dead when you can get all that land?)


    • tubularsock says:

      Interesting, Lara/Trace. Tubularsock never underestimates the banksters from collecting that next buck! Having to kill off mere people never seems to have bothered them in the past. They can’t hear the screams from their high rise glass buildings.


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