Well it has become extremely difficult to deny that we are living in a complete loony-tune world and the escape hatch has been closed for repairs.

There is an attempt to dump Frumpy-Orange-Dumpy off the wall and all the kings horses and all the kings men won’t be able to put him back together again.

Doesn’t Tubularsock only wish.

No, the Orange-Turd has nine lives and his true followers lap up Orange-Turd’s shit faster than a bag full of Mac-nuggets.

And the Corp-Democraps have done everything they can to keep the same stagnated Biden-Clinton-Obummer clap trap and not even dress it up.

The CorpDems don’t want ANY change to the system in truth. They benefit with Dump in office personally and their income and investment portfolios prove it.

The CorpDems if elected may benefit more if they take control however either way they’ll benefit personally. So FUCK YOU America!

And don’t you worry, either party believes in and supports endless wars because THAT is where the money happens to be.

Helping the poor, helping the sick, helping education, providing education for the incarcerated, investing in infrastructure …….. COST TOO MUCH!

Killing people indiscriminately in other countries WE CAN AFFORD.

That is where the money is made.

And the CorpDems and the Repulicant’s will keep that going and pocket the money.

That is why ANY candidate that is NOT WITH THEM is against THE AMERICAN WAY.

And what is the AMERICAN WAY ——- KILLING!

Don’t think so ………….. take a real look at American History.

Now there is one way to really help shift this inevitable negative direction.

Tubularsock would take Baby-Bush and Obomber and arrest both of them for WAR CRIMES and put them on trial …….. NOW!

You see, if the stand-ins of the powerful keep dodging responsibility for their actions we’ll just keep getting the same corporate puppets.

And you know that is not going to happen so just sit back and say a little prayer for an atomic bomb test going awry and hitting Washington, D.C. while Dump, VP-Dense, and a full session of Congress are in session.

Tubularsock knows it is just too much to ask for BUT Christmas IS coming after-all!


  1. Lara/Trace says:

    merry everything and happy 2020 my friend…

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  2. Sha'Tara says:

    Cheers! Tube… and that’s a great wish, if only Santa and Jesus weren’t solidly on the side of the elites. Remember the last time they made sure that all the poor got their wishes fulfilled at Christmas and all the poor children got the same toys as the rich kids? Me neither.

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    • tubularsock says:

      Sha’Tara, rest assured that both the REAL Jesus and the REAL Santa STILL help those in need.

      Just don’t be fooled by the Corporate Jesus and Corporate Santa! They are both interlopers into the festive season.

      Tubularsock knows for sure because according to the Tubularsock translation of the Bible,
      “. . . behold Tubularsock arose from flame with his friend JC and his friend SC and they all walked on water after a couple of shots of Wild Turkey neat … Amen”

      With documentation like THAT, how could anyone doubt!

      Have a happy ……… and pass it on!


  3. sojourner says:

    Spot on, Tube!!!

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  4. Sha'Tara says:

    Maybe you need to hire KA to get a whole new spin on things, esp. on that whole (hole) impeachment thing. I don’t understand impeachment. Does it mean filling the tDrumpf with peaches, putting him in a bag and hanging him from a peach tree? But how does that help bring out the truth?

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    • tubularsock says:

      Oh Sha’Tara, yes on putting Orange-Dump in a bag but then we flush him down one of those toilets that take 15 times to flush!

      But hey, it’d be worth it!

      As for “truth” ………… you already know THAT!


  5. swo8 says:

    Merry Christmas Tubularsock and a very Happy New Year.
    Here’s to sound minds and clear judgement in 2020.

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    • tubularsock says:

      Well thank you Leslie, and a happy and merry to you as well.

      You and John Lennon ………. “Imagine all the people” with “sound minds and clear judgment in 2020”. Tubularsock could say that you are a dreamer but you’re “not the only one”.

      Peace be with you and yours.

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  6. My Christmas wish is for a few million Americans to wake on Christmas morning and realize they can bring the whole thing to a grinding halt by refusing to go to work and and buying truckloads of useless shit any more. The vast majority of the Third World doesn’t work – they find ways outside of the formal economy to survive.

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  7. Batt Guano says:

    Ho..Ho..Ho..Merry Christmas…

    Twas the night before Senate impeachment hearings…
    And all through D.C..
    Representatives and Senators were gearing up..
    To make history..
    Americans all over we’re going to bed…
    With images from Fox News and CNN..
    Dancing in their head..
    When out on the Capital Mall..
    There arose such a clatter…
    That residents rose from their beds..
    To see what was the matter..
    And out of a helicopter..
    Came a merry old elf…
    It was none other than the Donald himself…
    His face was rosy…
    His eyes gleamed with hate…
    He was accompanied by troops…
    And armed idiots in Mega hats…
    Trump’s group of deplorables
    And Fascist-like rats…
    They made for the capitol..
    To take over the show…
    Their purpose to deal democracy…
    A final fatal blow…
    And as they carried out their coup…
    In very plain sight…
    They were heard to exclaim…
    “To the Constitution and liberty..A decisive Good Night !”

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  8. Dearing Fauntleroy says:

    hey Tube
    u simply killed it !
    thanks for all that u do – it’s awesome !

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