Well Tubularsock hasn’t all day so lets wrap up the Impeachment proceeding and be done with it!

Ok, all those in the room that believe that President-Tweet attempted to extort the President of the Ukraine for Tweet’s own personal political advantage in the coming up 2020 election, say aye.


The evidence shows that President-Tweet in HIS OWN WORDS shows this to be true.

The FACT, that after the phone conversation the covey of criminals around President-Tweet rushed the tape of the conversation to a “top secret” safety server because of fear that his illegal extortion plot could be exposed.

And then there is Rudy’s argument in his Op-Ed in the Wall Street Journal basically saying that, President-Tweet spent most all the conversation on Ukrainian corruption but ONLY “six lines” on extortion about Biden!

And one of the best Tweet responses to Rudy’s logic in Tubularsock’s opinion was expressed by Krister Johnson when he stated, “Out of a whole lifetime, John Wilkes Booth spent only six seconds assassinating Abraham Lincoln”!

Case Closed!



Now hold on ………….

There is another side! Proceed.

From the GOP’s point of view there is a strong case that President Tweet was abducted by alien beings from the subterranean deep state that permeates ever living and dead cell in existence and was forced against his will to strong arm the Ukraine President into compliance and turn away from corruption.


Doing a favor IS NOT quid pro quo !

It is a simple gesture of diplomatic respect which is done all the time.

“We all do it” ……. Al Capone, Lucky Luciano, Stefano Bontade, Fat Tony Gizzo and the entire crew of Trump appointed administration lackeys.

It’s just, you know, POLICY.

And then there are the unified “TALKING POINTS” of Fox News and the Trump family that the entire Impeachment Process in BORING.

And hell, Tubularsock agrees! Let’s bring back the exciting stuff that Don Jr. can masturbate to, you know, like Stormy “spanking” DADDY on his ass with a magazine with his face on the cover.
Oh, the good old days ……. yes, Tubularsock misses them too.


Case Closed!


In truth, Harvard Law Professor Laurence Tribe sums it all up for even the dumbest deplorable to understand and that is that Trump’s

“. . . whole purpose in holding that office is to enrich himself and enhance the power of his family and the wealth of his family . . .”

Now with that, IMPEACH THE SON OF A BITCH and get back to football!



  1. swo8 says:

    I don’t think that was extortion. If it was, the Ukraine should have paid him. It certainly was a “quid pro quo”. And why not get something for your money….and it was YOUR money.

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    • tubularsock says:

      Leslie: Good point. Extortion may not be the best term however withholding money may fit in this application because Trump tends to do everything backwards.

      But then you have the issue of getting something for the money ……. Trump would have gotten something for using OUR money for HIS personal gain.

      Bottom line, definitions aside, he’s a crook.

      Thanks for setting the record straight!

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  2. “. . . whole purpose in holding that office is to enrich himself and enhance the power of his family and the wealth of his family . . .”

    What I find really sad here, is that I don’t believe Trump understands why this is wrong.

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    • Sha'Tara says:

      He can’t. He’s a programmed elitist psychopath, a useful one for the so-called deep state or MIC.

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      • tubularsock says:

        Sha’Tara, there are strong indications of your analysis being correct.

        The first is that if he wasn’t doing their bidding then there would have been the classic CIA “heart-attack” a la Wag The Dog by now.

        AND the establishment Democrap’s will let Trump win again rather than allowing any candidate that wants to change the status quo. Pretty much Obummer said that in his last speech the other day!

        Thanks for your comment.

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    • tubularsock says:

      Well DrB. Tubularsock does know what you mean but unfortunately we haven’t got time for a full on therapy regimen to deal with his deep seeded issues.

      In fact, Tubularsock feels that there are signs within Trump’s “seeded” that a major dose of Round-Up was used which may explain some of his problems besides the standard lack of his mothers breast.

      Thank you for your concern for the Orange-psycho.


  3. selizabryangmailcom says:

    All Bill Clinton did (for the impeachment process, anyway; not talking about anything else from his long years in politics!) was relieve some sexual tension.
    Albeit not with his wife.
    And they impeached him for that!!!
    And Europe LAUGHED at us because we’re such Puritans.
    Like who DOESN’T have a mistress? (Not saying it’s okay; just saying this is the world)
    Whenever it’s brought up, the GOP says Clinton wasn’t impeached because of the sexual misconduct (otherwise, just about everyone in Congress AND the Senate would have to be impeached, probably, right? Take Jim Perma-smirk Jordan, for instance, looking the other way while the wrestling coach engaged in his debaucheries) but because he lied about it.
    Which is exactly what the prez did about the phone call.
    Going by that argument alone–lying–the GOP’s reason for impeaching Bill–then Trump should be impeached also.

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    • Sha'Tara says:

      Yes, and that should be a case closed!

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    • tubularsock says:

      selizabryan no question and well documented too.

      Tubularsock loves the term “debaucheries”! It sounds so bigly despicable and it is!

      Just the existence of Donald Trump is really a high point of debauchery for the United States AND THAT is saying something with our record!

      On the other hand, Tubularsock always thought Bill was impeached because of the backlash of the Dry Cleaning Association for Bill’s lack of foresight for not getting that blue dress cleaned!

      So selizabryan, thank you for setting the record straight.

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  4. Batt Guano says:

    Let’s face facts:

    Donald & Rudy…
    Are like Punch & Judy…
    In that they give us a show…
    With lots of laughs…
    All the while committing ethical gaffes…
    How did we get such ridiculous clowns…
    Our nation should be having ups..
    But they’re giving us downs..
    They both fiddle while Rome (Washington D,C.) burns..
    And they’re playing the fool in regular turns..
    Instead they should be playing three dimensional chess…
    Instead they are creating an unfathomable mess…
    Heaven help our nation
    In the years ahead
    It will be well on the road to ruin
    Long after they’re dead…

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